Dianic Nemorensis Tradition is an unique spiritual path.

We are an initiatory Mystery Tradition with shamanic practices with bases that include meditative exercises, contemplation and self-knowledge for meeting the Wholeness. A highly personal path, our roots involve Celtic symbolisms as the use of the Beth-Luis-Nion calendar, ecstatic practices and the celebration of the Goddes in Her many faces and attributes.

The Spiral of Creation, Grove Mother of Dianic Nemorensis Tradition, offers training to people interested in our philosophy and Tradition. The training happen in one-on-one scheme and enable that the practitioner access deep aspects Dianic practice. The Grove Spiral of Creation is a private Wiccan community based in São Paulo/Brazil

We create this section in our website for answer questions that are made in a regular base about our Training and we expect that this promote a better comprehension about what we are and what we do.

During years we were reluctant to make our Tradition Mysteries more accessible interested people.

Endless training requests and Initiation, invariably denied by us, made us rethink our thought, re-evaluate candidates inclusion and our form of Training. So, we developed a new Training modality that dispose now to people interested in request their Initiation into our Tradition, to walk our ways.

Our Grove acts like an extensive program training Circle.

People that fulfill our Basic Training becames Dedicants of the Grove Spiral of Creation, the Mother Grove of our Tradition. These Dedicants are required to work upon a specific body of training stuff that are based into the central aspects of our Tradition.

Our Basic Training program is completed in 13 months (1 year and 1 month) containing a number of relative specific and individual subjects rooted into the philosophical and spiritual practices of our Tradition. This Basic Training program is supplemented with monthly workshops, researches, as well as personal experiences through meditative and ceremonial practices and celebrations of the seasonal festivals. Experienced Initiates of our Tradition also offer ocasional workshops to Dedicants about varied subjects: devoctional practices, psychological developments, herbology, etc.

We expect that our Dedicantes can be dedicated in their spiritual and magical development, and only the ones that complete satisfactorily all the study program will be considered for Initiation to continue their Training into our Tradition.

Important: At this moment our one-on-one Training is available only for people living in São Paulo/Brazil, what mean that you should live in this area, or can travel in a regular base, for participate of the monthly meetings. If you are from another country, send an e-mail asking about our long distance Training Program.

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