Unlike many branches of Dianic Tradition, mainly the feminist branches, we accepted people of both genders as members of our magic family. So, our Priesthood is also divided between women and men.

The Initiations of our Tradition can be carried out by Priests of both gender without distinction, independent of the initiate's gender. We didn't use the initiation polarized form so common in the more sexists Craft Traditions, nor the lineage transmission only through a High Priestess, as is usual for many Dianic Tradition Paths

We believe vehemently that the true initiators of somebody is the Goddess. We believe that a Priest is merely vehicle for the accomplishment of the Initiation. So on, the gender of the Initiator won't influence in any way the process of power transmission, lineage and teachings to the Initiate.

This way in our Tradition is possible the creation of Covens and Groves with mixed gender or of just a gender, and nevertheless they can be classified as Dianics. We consider that Dianism is based on Goddess supremacy practice, philosophy and structure and not on the groups gender.

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