Our liturgical calendar consists of 21 annual rituals: 13 Esbats and 8 Sabbats.

Through these rituals we share, we meditate, we heal and we worship our Gods. Esbats are appropriate moments for the magic practices, while Sabbats seek mainly rescue the contact with the Goddess and connection with the Earth and are devotional celebrations.

Our Esbat rites are based on the Lunar Calendar Beth-Luis-Nion and they correspond to each one of the 13 sacred trees, that are directly connected to the lunations.

For our Tradition the Goddess have 3 faces: Maiden, Mother and the Crone.

She is considered Immortal for us, because without her presence the life could never exist and sustain by itself. So, the Wheel of the Year in our Tradition is seen as Goddess' entrance and Her leaving into an immense labyrinth or double spiral, that symbolizes sacred cave.

In our Tradition, the Wheel of the Year reflects the eternal existence of the Great Mother and not the cycle of birth, life and death of the God as is common for most Wiccans Traditions. Before patriarchal supremacy, many were the primitive cultures that had Goddesses as the expression of the Sun: Brigit, Sunna, Amaterasu, Aine, Bast and Sekhmet are good examples of that. We are a Dianic Tradition, so, anything is more logical than our Wheel of the Year reflect the Goddess's cycles through the seasons while the God participates and acts limitedly in the rites and mysteries related to Sabbats.

The Rites of Passage that celebrate Born, Life and the Death are also vital for our Tradition. We believe that through these rites we can reconnect ourselves with our internal cycles, honoring the Divine into us.

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