Our Tradition believes that is time for restore the Personal Power into each one of us because only this can make possible reach the Totality , that is the primordial objective of the Craft. So, we believe that the direct contact with the Divine and the Goddess's return is one of many possibilities for reach this Totality and to promote the human spiritual healing. We see the Power as something inherent to all human beings. As Dianics, we give great value to the feminine, both in the society or religion, and so we believe that the sources of Power are different for men and women:

In the women the sources of power come out:

- for born women
- for feel like a women
- for the recognition of the blood as sacred
- for the recover of mysteries of the blood through menarche, conception, gestation, croning, etc

In other people the sources of power come out:

- by the contact with the nature
- by the connection with the Sacred
- by the celebration of the lunar and seasonal cycles
- by the recover of blood mysteries through the rites of birth, death and the celebration of the internal cycles by Rites of Passage.

This power we referred is not dominant Power, but the internal Power that can transform everything. The examples given above are some magic forms used by our Tradition for touch this Power, so this power can be channeled towards the changes we want to see in the world, building the meaning of our lives.

The Dianic Nemorensis Tradition, as well as the many paths of Dianism, believes be the moment to restore our Power: power over the circumstances of our lives, over our bodies, over our desires, the power of the Divine in each one of us, the power to control our own lives.

To restore our personal and internal Power will make us truly free

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