The practice of the Craft in our Tradition occur through Covens, Groves and Circles.

A Coven is a iniciatory closed group with the maximum of 13 members, with strong magic bonds. Each Coven have their laws, structures and guidelines that can vary substantially from a group to other, even inside the same Tradition and practicing the same form of Witchcraft.

Grove is an extension of the Coven: a larger iniciatory group, without predetermined number of members, that is leading by the Priest and/or Priestess and sometimes by their Elders, depending on the structure and formation of each group.

So, a Grove is formed through the efforts of the Coven members that participate actively in the formation and beginners' instruction. In agreement with our Tradition a Grove can only be formed and leading through previously established Coven, and is always integral part of the Coven.

The Initiation into a Grove doesn't tie their members directly to the Coven, but to the Tradition. This makes possible a person be instructed inside the Craft Philosophy we practiced, having a religious experience in group with solid bases to reach the ideal profile to found and lead their own communities in the right time, with enough knowledge for that.

A Coven and/or Grove can still have one or more external Circles, that may offer programs of studies and eventually select interested ones to make part of the community. These Circles are destined to teach the most generic aspects of the Craft and no the Mysteries of our Tradition and are strongly Dianic. The participation in an external Circle is not warranty that somebody will join into our Tradition or into an internal group. When a student completes a cycle of studies and express his/her desire to join the group, he/she can or NOT be invited to make part of a Grove or a Coven that is teaching the student.

Nor all Covens and Groves have external Circles of studies. Each group is autonomous to decide what best works for their structure and community.

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