Each religion has a philosophy and thoughts about the Universe creation and the importance of this. To this foundation and theory system we give the name of Cosmogony, the understanding of myths for better understand the first cause of the Creation.

The cosmogonic philosophy has relation with the Tradition perception about the Sacred. This also explains the formation of the universe and foundation of the world, how a Tradition understands the different manifestations of the Divine and how these manifestations are expressed in our lives.

For the Dianic Traditions the Goddess is in general the great Creatrix and is this that differs our Pagan Path of others, because they see the Creation as a union result of opposite polarities, supposedly complemental.

We worship the Great Goddess of the Nature, in all her bright diversity. She is the giver of life, the origin of all existence in this planet. Three are Her faces: Maiden, Mother and Crone, because She is all Goddesses and all women. She is triple also in the nature as the Moon, the Sun and the Earth. As the Moon, the Goddess is the Lady of Initiation Mysteries. As the Sun, She is the Queen of the Skies that fertilizes and give warmth and sustenance. As Mother Earth, She feeds us feeding herself through the life, becoming the Guardian of the Death Doors, that will comfort us when to Her we return. We honor her every place, because She is everything: she lives into us, into each one of us and through us

We consider that the Goddess's preponderance reverence is the differential of our Religion. We believe that celebrate the Sacred Masculine in equality with the Goddess is merely a psychological escape. So a mind completely devastated by millennia of patriarcal structure feels less blamed when try to include a feminine energy as Creatrix into a religious practice.

The preponderance of the Goddess Worship into a Tradition is not decurrent to a religious unbalance, neither is part of a separatist or radical group. As a Tradition centered in the Goddess, we believe in many other polarity forms that are not based on gender. Witches with a Cosmogony oriented for the Goddess prefer to identify the polarities not only as feminine and masculine, but as many other: day-night, well-bad, creation-destruction, dark-bright, order-chaos. So, masculine-feminine would be one of the limitless polarities possibilities. And is this inclusive way that we understand the polarities division.

The choice of a religion oriented exclusively to the Goddess comes from the comfort that the Sacred Feminine provides for us, because the Goddess celebrates the diversity and doesn't impose limits. We believe that this is a primordial factor for the re-establishment of the balance of the Universe and Planet healing, devastated by centuries of patriarchal oppression and culture.

In our Tradition the Goddess receives the title "The Dancer" while the God is called by "Conductor of the Spiral Dance of Ecstasy". They are symbolized by the Moon and Sun respectively, representing the eternal dance of Creation initiated in the beginning of the times by the Great Mother. Together They dance through the skies showing us their many faces and forms.

The Dianic Nemorensis Tradition is a Wicca branch centered in the Goddess and Her supremacy, relegating to the God a secondary part with a limited participation and performance in the myths and rites. For us the Goddess is the Great Creatrix, of everything and all. She contains everything that has life and carries included Her masculine complement, the God.

We recognized the God and we honor him with pleasure when necessary. However, doesn't mean that we celebrated him in all the rituals to show a false balance when we didn't feel that this is necessary.

In addition, if we recognized that exist many other forms of polarities and the masculine/feminine is just one of them, is not necessary invite the masculine in a ritual when we have many Goddess faces that bring the energy of force, war, independence that theoretically would be associated to the masculine if we adopted the traditional and conventional polarities classification like Yin-Yang.

We see that Dianism is not only based and balanced as equalitarian, and is a personal preference the choice of a ritual practice more oriented to the Goddess.

The choice of a Wiccan path centered exclusively on the Goddess, is as valid as any other and is a beauty expression of the Craft. Maybe, today the Dianic Witchcraft is the Pagan modality more spread around the world. This makes possible the women reclaim their religious dignity as Priestesses and to the men, the understanding of corrupt concepts, brought by dominant patriarchal thoughts and values.

The Danic Traditions gives to women the possibility of understanding the natural manifestations that happen in their own bodies as sacred, teaching that the women is full of powers like the Goddess. All Dianic members are oriented to see the woman as representative of the Goddess in the Earth, that need be respect and reverenced. All we came to the world by a woman's womb and only that is enough to show us how women are important.

Dianism also teaches men to see woman as the Goddess incarnated, to respect her, perceive that she is not an object, see her as vital for life and for the continuity of life. That doesn't demerit a man in anything, on the contrary, because if he gets frees of patriarchal chains and give the woman her real value he will be much more valued by women.

Dianism matrifocal cosmogony, can be valuable for those that can find in the Goddess the heal for the harm brought by centuries of patriarchal culture, bringing comfort and answers for several human soul's questions.

In spite of the word "Dianic" refer to a Roman Goddess(Diana), this is just one of the many Goddess's names we recognized in our Tradition and not unique Her face reverenced by us. In really, the main Goddess of Dianic Nemorensis Tradition is Danu, also called Dana, whose name Dione can be associated in Greece and also Diana in Rome.

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