Axiom is a word that express an auto-evident principle. No demonstrable, but admitted by all, forming a system itself most of the time. This word express a group of deductions and demonstrations that are starting point of a raticionation line, a principle.

Through an Axiom we can understand better the reallity around us. In Ancient Greece, the Pythia, received messages from the Gods in form of Axioms. These messages needed to be deciphered to find the correct answer, so the divine truth contained in the message would be felt and assimilated.

Labrys is the largest symbol of all Dianism. So, in spite of the word axiom to have Greek origin its sonority evokes in our mind the most important symbol of our Tradition: The Axe.

In this thought we have 5 Axioms, called by us individually by Ax, that are sustained by the Pentacle, another importante symbof for the Craft:



1st AX: WE ARE THE GODDESS, what means that we are Her incarnation
2nd AX: WE HAVE POWERS, we have inherent an internal Goddess' forces that can be accessed ritually and many times unconsciously
3rd AX: WE ARE HER PRIEST/ESS, all person are worthy of Goddess's Priet/ess title
4th AX: WE HAVE GIFTS, what express that we are gifted naturally with psychic talents
5th AX: THE GODDESS RESTORES, indicating that the Goddess's path reestablishes the balance of Self and of the world

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