Dedication is how we call the learning period of 1 year and 1 day, where a neophyte learns the rudiments of the Craft and its philosophy, getting ready magical and spiritually for his/her Initiation.

The Initiation marks the definitive entrance of Dedicant for our Tradition, to know the Initiation mysteries and secret teachings only known by people that passed the same initiatory ritual.

Our Tradition doesn't use the Degree System, very common in many Wiccan branches. We have a differentiated system that we denominate "Passages". We Recognize 5 different Passages, based on goals and minimum practice into the Tradition, for obtain the condition and title of Elder. These Passages are directly linked to the Elements and the 5 Solar Trees of the Celtic Calendar

The process of knowledge transmission to an Initiate and his/her crossing the 5 Passages occur approximately from 3 to 4 years, and can extend for uncertain period depending on the evaluation of each Initiate.

When an Initiate cross the 5 Passages, we consider that he or she is prepared to become an Initiator. So the Initiate can found and lead his/her own Tradition's Coven and/or Grove with total autonomy. However the original doctrines, laws, Mystery rituals of traditions are always copied book for book and transmited Initiator for Initiate. This rites are observed by all members of our Tradition.

We teach our Initiates that the main objective should not be reach the Elder title, but the necessary knowledge level for each one guide their own steps before trying to aid other in the same path.

We recognize that each one of us is in a different stage of the life and we are limited in our human capacity. So, the training is personalized and each person is encouraged to develop their potentialities and natural abilities to put them to service of the Craft and his/her community.

Dianic Nemorensis Tradition is an unique spiritual path.

We are an initiatory Mystery Tradition with shamanic practices with bases that include meditative exercises, contemplation and self-knowledge for meeting the Wholeness. A highly personal path, our roots involve Celtic symbolisms as the use of the Beth-Luis-Nion calendar, ecstatic practices and the celebration of the Goddes in Her many faces and attributes.

The Spiral of Creation, Grove Mother of Dianic Nemorensis Tradition, offers training to people interested in our philosophy and Tradition. The training happen in one-on-one scheme and enable that the practitioner access deep aspects Dianic practice.

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