One of the foundations that distinguishes our Tradition from other Dianic branches, and the Craft in general, is our emphasis in the reverence of the Ancestors. We have a deep respect for the ones who came before us.

The belief that ancestors live in spirit is very ancient and strongly encoraged by our Tradition. The Ancestors worship and the respect to the Elders in the Craft, the keepers of the ancestral wisdom of our people, is fundamental.

We see our Ancestors as the middle between the Gods world and humanity, which conect us with the Sacred and with ourselves.

We consider and we worship 4 different levels of Ancestors in our Tradition:


The Craft Ancestors: those that were important for Witchcraft as a whole or for our Tradition and that today don't walk more on the Earth

The Blood Ancestors: Our relatives and family that are in Summerland

The Spirit Ancestors: Loved ones, that were not part of our blood or Craft family, but that we loved deeply while they lived

Earth Ancestors: Those that lived here before their lands and wealth were taken.

The Ancestors are invoked and invited to share all our rites. Each member of our Tradition is encouraged to worship their Ancestors using ritual for that. We believe that the spiritual connection with our Ancestors make us empowered, whole, complete. Honoring the Ancestors we honor our history and ourselves at the same time. Through them we strengthen us in spirit and we make a link with the past, present and future.

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